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Energy VIsion

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Expert Energy Insight

Energy Vision strives to integrate as a team member within your organization, regardless of your organization’s size. We provide years of expert insight and specialized skills to reduce your exposure and mitigate risk in energy markets. By working together, we will develop objective based energy strategies with defined benchmarks while moving forward together to create energy sustainable goals.
Energy is our business, we want you to focus on yours. Together, our experts will learn the importance of how you use energy and how it impacts your business, allowing your business to grow to new heights.

Everything we do revolves around our core values:

Actual price & risk must be identified
Focus on areas of expertise
​Free advice isn’t free
Objectivity is essential
Services must be guaranteed
Energy should be treated as an asset
Costs should be reasonable

Energy Vision is proud to be a SASB, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Alliance member. 

Want to know more about our process?

from our CEO & Managing Partner - James Hatch

When Energy Vision began back in 2001, fossil fuels were king. Natural gas prices had hit an all-time high, the United States relied on imports from foreign countries for crude oil, and renewables were barely on the radar. Wow how times have changed! 

Fossil fuels still play a pivotal role in meeting the world’s energy needs; however, growth in sustainability efforts have seen wind, solar, and hydro become cost-effective solutions. The US is now the largest producer of crude oil, natural gas production from shale plays have kept prices bearish, and we are now exporting LNG to help meet global demand. Today’s technology will undoubtedly change the landscape of our industry for years to come and I am excited to lead a team to help you understand all of the complexities associated with your energy needs.   

One thing is certain in this industry…. change! Imagine having a dedicated team whose sole purpose is to look ahead and find ways to proactively manage this change. A team who leaves no stone unturned when searching for value and views your energy needs as an asset to be optimized, protected and managed as if it were their own.  We provide specialized knowledge to reduce your exposure to uncertain energy markets and to help meet organizational goals and objectives.  Whether you are a small commercial entity, gas district or utility, or large industrial customer, energy is our business and we work exclusively for you, allowing you to focus on your core business. 

We are blessed to serve customers all over North America & Europe and hope you will consider having Energy Vision as part of your team!

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