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The EV Way


by Michael Bush, President and Majority Owner


To the Energy Vision Team, Clients and Partners,

As Energy Vision starts its 20th year, I would like to thank you, our clients, for having the confidence and  willingness to allow us to serve as partners managing your energy needs. From deregulation and paradigm shifts in production, to the burst bubbles of the marketing sector with the likes of Enron and Dynegy, record high commodity prices associated with “Peak” oil and gas, to supply gluts and record low prices, we have successfully worked through tumultuous times and emerged stronger together as a result. We look forward to working with you in the future and continuing to successfully navigate the uncharted waters of energy-change together.

Much of Energy Vision’s success stems from longevity, experience, accountability, and consistency. Our senior management team has over 60 years of experience with an average employment time of over 13 years. Having been involved with the energy industry since 1991, I have experienced many changes and take great pride in having established an environment where personnel are challenged and rewarded and derive contentment from helping others. Whether helping you lower your costs or protect against uncertainty, the satisfaction our employees receive results from seeing our clients thriving. The partnership formed between Energy Vision and its clients is one forged through overcoming hardship and is unique in not only the energy industry but in most industry period.

My business partner and co-owner, James Hatch, continues to achieve great success as CEO of Energy Vision and has been at the forefront of renewable energy solutions, carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates for many years. The name Energy Vision means a focus on what is to come, proactive strategy, risk mitigation, adaptability and achieving advantage through turmoil. With vision comes opportunity and James has Energy Vision leading the way in environmental solutions that will continue to dominate business moving forward.

We are committed to you and will remain the constant solution to your energy needs going forward. I’m truly blessed to have been part of this company since its inception and thank the exceptional personnel that comprise the Energy Vision team and thank you
again for your commitment to Energy Vision of which none of this would have been possible.

Michael E. Bush, MBA


Mr. Bush is an Associated Person (AP) of Energy Vision. Mr. Bush is the principal owner of Energy Vision.

Energy Vision is Your Team!

Regardless of the size of your organization, this is the advantage that Energy Vision offers.  We provide the specialized knowledge to reduce your exposure to uncertain energy markets and to help meet your goals and objectives.  Energy is our only business and we work exclusively for you so you can focus on your core business.

To better serve you, we seek to understand the basics of your business.  Additionally, it is important you understand the core beliefs Energy Vision adheres to:

  • Actual price must be identified and supplied.  Many companies are routinely taken advantage of by their supplier when they purchase supply.  Energy price volatility is extreme and 10% intraday movement is not uncommon.  Energy Vision is an independent company that will not profit from your transaction.  Further, with real-time trading tools we will identify price and hold your supplier accountable to give you the greatest price transparency possible.
  • Focus on areas of expertise.  With a combined eighty plus years of experience in the transmission, distribution, marketing, trading, and utility sectors of the energy industry Energy Vision is focused on an arena it understands and can derive value for its clients.
  • Free advice isn’t free.  The client should be the only source of revenue for the service provider.  Many of our competitors offer consulting services for free; however, they generally receive commission from the supplier recommended to the client.  Naturally, the selection process shifts from whoever offers the best service and price to those offering the best commission to the free service provider.
  • Objectivity is essential.  Having your energy supplier inform you what to pay is akin to asking a car salesperson what you should pay.  Energy Vision does not sell commodities nor receive any compensation from such transactions and that is true objectivity.
  • Services must be guaranteed.  Energy Vision’s team is competent and capable of providing the ultimate in energy procurement, hedging, and asset optimization solutions.  With our years in the industry, we are very aware of the offerings of other energy service providers and are not afraid to compete to show you that we are the best service provider in the industry.  Furthermore, we guarantee our service so you are assured performance and not encumbered with long-term and risky agreements for energy services.
  • Energy should be treated as an asset.  Energy should be viewed as an asset and not simply a necessary evil.  We doubt anyone is ever completely happy with their energy prices.  Energy Vision recognizes you and your competitors are all in a similar situation.  By developing proactive strategies we can turn your energy exposure into a competitive advantage.
  • Costs should be reasonable.  Energy Vision’s costs are far less than what it would cost you to build a comparable energy management team and with none of the associated headaches.  There’s still a lot of darkness in the energy industry; we hope to remain your guiding light.  With your support we will bring our vision of an industry where each entity is accountable to its counter-party, margins are minimal, assets are optimized, and energy becomes a competitive advantage to reality.
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